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Yamaha - 5.1 600 W Home Audio Speaker System - Black

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What's Included

  • 4 x satellite speakers
  • 1 x center channel speaker
  • 1 x subwoofer


NS-SP1800 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System has Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) this is a unique system in which the speaker and amplifier work together to cancel out impedance so the speaker unit has a perfectly linear motion. Advanced YST helps to ensure the highest levels of sound pressure and overall performance. 4452997


  • Frequency Response: 28 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Speaker Configuration: 5.1
  • RMS Output Power: 600 W
  • Color: Black
  • Center Speaker Height: 4"
  • Center Speaker Width: 11.90"
  • Center Speaker Depth: 4"
  • Subwoofer Height: 11.40"
  • Subwoofer Width: 11.40"
  • Subwoofer Depth: 12.70"
  • Satellite Speaker Height: 6.30"
  • Satellite Speaker Width: 4"
  • Satellite Speaker Depth: 4"
  • Subwoofer Weight (Approximate): 18.70 lb

Product Specifications

Speaker Type: Portable
Speakerphone: No
Wireless Multi-Room Audio: No
Product Height: 21.19 inches
Product Width: 16.5 inches
Product Depth: 16.5 inches
Product Weight: 34 pounds
Model Number: NS-SP1800
Color: Black
Product Name: 5.1 600 W Home Audio Speaker System
Brand: Yamaha